our value

"I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been."

-Wayne Gretzky

Our Value

We bring sophisticated big firm expertise and devoted small-town service to each of our clients.

Blume Partners provides exceptional corporate legal services, using its unique skill set and perspective, with a very personal touch at reasonable rates.

We are an advisor to, and advocate for, our clients. Our expertise helps them grow. Our resources become theirs.

We believe we know what's important to our clients but if we don't know, we ask. We learn about our clients and their business, finances and operations. We come to understand their industries and competitive landscape in order to fully appreciate their legal needs and circumstances in a way other lawyers can't or don't want to. No one knows our clients' businesses better than they do, so we learn from them as they learn from us which makes the relationship successful and rewarding.

We openly and personally communicate with each client. Above all else, we believe in earning our clients' trust through honesty, integrity, ethics, dedication and skill. Relationships are everything. We get to know all of our clients and do everything possible to always treat each one like it is the most important client we have. Truly understanding our client's business, personnel, and industry allows us to be the most effective lawyers possible.

At Blume Partners, we have the ability to be quick, nimble and flexible in our engagements if required by the circumstances. We are proactive in our approach to helping our clients get the most out of their attorneys while still keeping an eye on cash flow. Like any other transaction, we want both sides to feel that the relationship and outcome are positive and valuable for both sides…the proverbial "win-win". Our clients are our #1 partners. They are our priority. It is our privilege to work with them and we never forget that.

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