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"The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out."

-Thomas Babington Macaulay


What our clients have to say.

"Eddie has done excellent work for us and our clients. He has big law firm experience blended with real life business experience and offers excellent advice, guidance and legal advice at much more reasonable rates than large firms. Eddie is very well connected and helps his clients and friends grow their businesses through his knowledge, skill sets and by utilizing his network of relationships."

"I was selling my company. I had the buyer but needed to make sure I was covered from a legal perspective and, oh by the way, I was about to get married and take a new job so needed the deal to close in 4 days. It was a Thursday when I was introduced to Blume Partners. Eddie worked through the weekend and we closed the deal. I sold my company on terms I was happy with, got married and went on my honeymoon with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders knowing that I had sold my company and taken care of my former employees. I will forever be grateful for the work Eddie did for me."

"In our varied businesses of retail, wholesale, hospitality, real estate and publishing, to name a few, we deal with a plethora of corporate and other legal matters. Add to that a very entrepreneurial and fast-paced CEO and you have even more issues to resolve. With all that going on, we don't want to be "on the clock" every time we call our attorney. Eddie and I structured a deal that works for us and that avoids the typical lawyer-client billing relationship. We reach out to Eddie, and he is always there for us when we need him with sage legal advice; if he doesn't know the answer, he'll get it for us. It has worked well, and we are thrilled with the service we receive."

"I have known Edward and his family for a long time; he is a bright and trusted individual on whom I frequently rely for his legal expertise and quick turnaround. He has now done several agreements for us effectively, quickly and reasonably. As Chairman of a multi-million dollar company, we can use any number of attorneys, but the respect I have for Edward's integrity and abilities keeps me coming back to him."

"We have several businesses under our portfolio of companies and Eddie has been a great sounding board from both a legal and business perspective regarding our different interests. He has really helped us focus on what legal issues are involved in growing our company and has been a trusted advisor in terms of our capital raising and business development initiatives. We truly value our relationship with Blume Partners and know we are valued by Eddie."

"No matter what we do, we run it by Eddie first. He is an extremely bright guy who, first and foremost, looks to protect our company's interests but always with the goal of getting the deal done. We have developed a true partnership relationship with Eddie, unlike any we have seen between another company and its attorney. We genuinely enjoy our time working together and know we are being well taken care of, all at very reasonable prices. He's the best."

"Last year, we took in outside capital for the first time in our company's lifecycle and Eddie helped us greatly with that process. He worked through the legal issues involved in entering into the Operating Agreement with our new partners and was able to anticipate what the pertinent points would be. We were extremely happy with the work Eddie did and the service he provided…so much so that Blume Partners continues to work with us and some of our clients. Eddie has the expertise we find at bigger firms without the unreasonably high fees; he has been a great business partner."

"Eddie sits at the intersection of agility and expertise. Aggressive when needed yet always "human," and willing to take direction, I found Eddie to deliver the legal expertise I needed to close my most recent deal. The project for which I used Eddie went smoothly, and we negotiated tough points together, resulting in a solid corporate agreement. Eddie has big firm experience without big firm expenses or lead times, he's very accessible, and a pleasure to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend him."

"Purchasing a new business was a scary idea. Hiring Edward Blume was the right move for us. He came highly recommended by a friend and immediately upon speaking with Edward, he quickly made my husband and me -- [that's right, ME, not I] -- feel comfortable and secure. Everything went smoothly on our end and when there was trouble on the seller's end, we always got a quick response from Edward and were able to work out everything to our advantage. AMAZING! Not only are we continuing to work with him, we would recommend him to anyone in need of business legal assistance."

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