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Edward Blume

Edward L. Blume
is the Managing Member
of Blume Partners, LLC.

Eddie has developed a very unique background, enabling him to spot, assess, evaluate and resolve legal issues in a very holistic and personal way.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, Eddie practiced corporate law at Mesirov Gelman Jaffe Cramer and Jamieson in Philadelphia for several years before making a move to Wolf Block Schorr and Solis-Cohen to continue growing his practice and honing his skills. At both Mesirov and Wolf Block, Eddie worked on clients and matters ranging from start-up and early stage companies obtaining financing to later stage companies being acquired or going public and all transactions, agreements and corporate legal issues in between.

Following Wolf Block, Eddie was a Principal and In-House Counsel at Katalyst, a Venture Consulting Company with an affiliated Private Equity Fund located in Conshohocken, PA. While at Katalyst, Eddie focused on early stage companies, primarily in the technology world, and performed corporate legal services for both Katalyst's portfolio companies and Katalyst itself.

Subsequent to Katalyst, Eddie was the Chief Operating Officer of Capital Management Enterprises, a family of diverse businesses owned by a successful entrepreneur in Wayne, PA. This invaluable operational experience helped shape Eddie's ability to think like a businessperson in addition to an attorney and to add to the well-rounded nature of his skill set.

Upon leaving CME, Eddie took on the role of President of Emerald Verde, the Private Equity division of a family office, also located in Conshohocken, PA. Emerald Verde invested in venture capital and private equity funds, real estate projects and venture capital deals, further exposing Eddie to a wide array of opportunities from the business and legal side.

In 2008, Eddie seized the opportunity to form Blume Partners. Armed with the diverse experiences described above, Eddie formed Blume Partners to fill a need in the market for a well-rounded law firm that could provide excellent legal counsel to a wide variety of clients in a personal manner using creative strategies at affordable rates.

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